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“They had a big idea and they have delivered…”

Elly Wilson - Learning Support Assistant

  • What started as questioning the status-quo has quietly turned into the leading supply staff management system in UK.
  • Designed by people that work in education and recruitment and built on a bespoke platform by the expert team at Block 8 Digital.
  • We work collaboratively with agents, schools and supply staff to promote a better deal for all.

About DemandforSupply

DemandforSupply has been designed for every education agency and everyone involved in the booking, management or fulfilment of supply teacher jobs.  The first end-to-end, temporary recruitment booking and management platform is the result of two years research and development and a decade working at the chalk face.  Unlike many IT ‘solutions’ that are offered to schools, DemandforSupply has been designed by staff experienced in booking and managing supply teacher jobs and education agency professionals, then built by web development experts.  The whole system has been designed and built in the UK, on a foundation of bespoke databases and housed on state-of-the-art, securely encrypted servers also, right here in the UK. 

What you see is the result of 30 prototypes and 12 months of end-user testing, working closely with school leaders, business and human resources managers.  Every step of the way we’ve ensured the simple uncluttered dashboard belies the real power and complexity of the system making it intuitive, fast and reliable to use.  The real power of short and medium-term education recruitment at your fingertips.


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