"DemandforSupply has developed a system to challenge the rise of disruptive recruitment apps, by offering a cost effective alternative to the traditional telephone based supply agency model and levelling the playing field"

  • Save money using DemandforSupply to complete the entire process of organising supply staff from the initial request, to vacancy completion.
  • Save time using our bespoke platform.  It's simple to setup and can securely handle 10000 simultaneous booking requests.
  • Create new school contacts and grow your existing supply pool as schools in your area sign up.

How DemandforSupply works for agencies...

"Working with recruitment agencies, the DemandforSupply platform provides a digital end-to-end supply management system that reduces operating costs and supports agencies in offering a better deal to schools and supply staff."
Efficiency savings

We know how busy you guys are, so we designed the DemandforSupply dashboard from the ground up to save you time over a traditional telephone system.

Setting up a basic profile page for your agency couldn’t be easier.  Enter your basic details and create user accounts for each of your team by simply entering their name and email address.  DemandforSupply then sends each user  an email with instructions and a link to set up their personal account.

Clarity and control

We understand how important building relationships with your supply staff and schools, so we know that getting the right agent working with the right supply staff and schools is fundamental.  With three user groups, Senior Manager, Manager and Agent, you have complete control over the staff-client associations of your team.

DemandforSupply allows you to easily manage your point-of-contact associations allowing agents to view the bookings made and taken by the staff and schools assigned to them.  Through their DemandforSupply dashboard, each manager has a clear overview of the agents assigned to them.   Similarly, each senior manager can easily access an overview of the whole operation and monitor user and client activity through their personal dashboard.

Streamlined processes

The DemandforSupply administrative dashboard makes cumbersome time sheets and time-consuming invoices a thing of the past.  As every booking is recorded centrally and verified by staff and school, reliable invoices can be generated instantly for any chosen period of time.

Client management

You might have been referred to us by one of your existing school contacts, which is great, it means the school is all signed up and ready to go.  But if not, it’s no problem.  Getting one of your existing schools started on DemandforSupply is simple.  Select the school name from our pre-populated list, enter the email address of your school contact and we’ll send them an email with a link to set up their own profile.  Their sign up process is simple and they’ll be seamlessly booking your supply staff in no time at all.

Search, Book, Manage

Once booked, a school and supply teacher can communicate freely through their respective dashboards for the duration of their booking.  Schools can organise the work set or send through specific instructions and supply staff can access relevant school policies and procedural information sent by the school.

As we all know, sometimes editing a booking after confirmation is unavoidable so we've designed the DemandforSupply system to make it as simple and painless as possible.  After selecting the days to edit and giving a reason for the edit, each party is notified, and the system does the rest.

Improved Service

Through discussion with both school leaders and supply teachers about what was most important to them about the supply system, we have included a simple ratings system.  Completed at the end of a booking, the DemandforSupply ratings system asks both teachers and schools to give positive ratings of the experience in four predefined areas.  Our intention is to further perpetuate improvement in both the quality of supply staff that are offered and the way in which they are received and supported.

How much does it cost?

For supply staff and schools, the DemandforSupply system is FREE to use.  recruitment agencies pay a monthly subscription fee for their supply staff to appear within the search results and take advantage of the ‘hands-off’ digital booking and management platform.


FREE to sign up
FREE profile listing
FREE to use
FREE chat support**


FREE to sign up
FREE profile listing
FREE to use
FREE chat support**


FREE 3 month trial
£199.99 pcm*
Unlimited staff listings
Unlimited vacancies listings
Unlimited technical support**

*Excluding VAT payable at 20%.  Price quoted is per locality office.

**Live online chat available 7am - 4pm, Monday - Friday excluding bank holidays.  Email support available 24hrs a day 365 days a year.


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