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"The world of school supply is changing and peer-to-peer, disruptive technology has started to impact the opportunities for supply teacher jobs and supply staff represented by the traditional education recruitment agency..."

  • DemandforSupply is attractive to schools because it's FREE  to sign up and use with no limits and no catch.
  • Our bespoke web-based system and digital diary gives you maximum control over where and when you work.
  • We work with your existing education recruitment agency, meaning you keep your current security and then benefit, as your agency links with new schools.

Introducing DemandforSupply

FREE for supply staff to sign up and use, DemandforSupply brings you and your skills to the fore and gives more exposure than any one single agency has ever before.

So, how can you sign up?

Well, the short answer is that your agency needs to sign you up.  It's quick and easy, but not all agencies have heard of us.

Use the ‘Spread The Word’ form further down this page to send your agency a link to DemandforSupply and we’ll do the rest.  Once they’ve joined up, you’ll receive an invite to complete a profile page and in no time at all you’ll be featured in DemandforSupply searches.

You’ll get a fully personalised online profile that includes a photograph, your employment history, prior placement feedback and reliability reviews, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and allow schools to build a complete picture of who you are and what you can offer.

We work in partnership with recruitment agencies to reduce operating costs and support them to offer a better deal to supply staff through reduced commission rates, individualised support and higher quality CPD.

By working with recruitment agencies, we draw upon their experience and expertise to continue developing Safer Recruitment systems and regulation, ensuring that only those with the relevant qualifications, rights and clearance, work in our schools.

Safer Recruitment

You don't underestimate the importance of safe-guarding so neither have we.

Every member of staff registered with DemandforSupply is represented by a real agency who guarantee that safer recruitment checks including the all-important face-to-face interviews have taken place.  In basic terms DemandforSupply is as safe to use as your current agency system only now you get more choice and control over who you invite to work with your students.

How much does it cost?

For supply staff and schools, the DemandforSupply system is FREE to use.  recruitment agencies pay a monthly subscription fee for their supply staff to appear within the search results and take advantage of the ‘hands-off’ digital booking and management platform.


FREE to sign up
FREE profile listing
FREE to use
FREE chat support**


FREE to sign up
FREE profile listing
FREE to use
FREE chat support**


FREE 3 month trial
£199.99 pcm*
Unlimited staff listings
Unlimited vacancies listings
Unlimited technical support**

*Excluding VAT payable at 20%.  Price quoted is per locality office.

**Live online chat available 7am - 4pm, Monday - Friday excluding bank holidays.  Email support available 24hrs a day 365 days a year.


Spread the word about DemandforSupply

We love meeting new people so if you know someone who should hear about DemandforSupply, click below to tell us about them and we'll happily do the rest.


Every registered member of supply staff maintains their own calendar within the DemandforSupply system, managing their availability through their own staff dashboard. Upon receiving a vacancy offer, the system checks each suitable candidate's calendar against the vacancy requirements and details the full days that each is able to fulfil.  To ensure the highest possible chance of your vacancy being fulfilled, the DemandforSupply system will also clearly display staff that can only offer partially fulfilment, giving the option to fulfil a vacancy using multiple staff.

Yes. The DemandforSupply system has no restrictions on how far in advance you can create a vacancy so planned INSET or short notice sickness, we've got you covered.

Yes. The DemandforSupply system allows you to book days individually as well as in a block, allowing you to create a vacancy with breaks in, or the same day of the week for consecutive weeks.

Yes. Either party can edit all or some of a vacancy once it has been confirmed. The 'edit vacancy' console within active job page requires a user to select the dates that they need to edit and provide a reason for the edit.